Askern Music Festival 2021 postponed to 2022


2021 Festival announcement

It is with huge sadness we have to inform you that the 2021 festival cannot go ahead as planned. We’ve explored every avenue we possibly can but after consultations with our Health and Safety expert and Local Authorities the decision has been made to try again in 2022. To say we are gutted is a massive understatement 😭

Why not later in the year?
The amount of suppliers and bands we work with is a huge list and not everyone can make the same dates due to other commitments. We also can’t take the chance that the ‘freedom day’ is pushed back further, causing more problems and issues.

What about my tickets?
Tickets will automatically be rolled over to the 2022 date (Saturday 9th July 2022), however should you want a refund please make contact with us via private message on social media or email to We ask you to support us as much as you can by retaining your ticket. As per last year the refund period will last until 30th of September. After that point we will assume you are retaining your ticket.

What’s the line up for next year?
We’re still liaising with all the bands as to their availability, however we’re hoping to keep the same line up and add one more huge band to keep the value for money.

What will the ticket price be for next year?
The ticket prices will start from £35 for adults, £15 for Juniors and £85 for families. As always, under 11’s are free of charge and don’t require a ticket.

If you do have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will live to fight another day.

Andy, Ashley & Kristian

Pigeon Detectives 2017

The Pigeon Detectives rushed the Askern stage and were a ball of energy throughout. Frontman Matt Bowman left no inch of stage uncovered as he bounced from one side to the other. The band leaned heavily on their first album Wait For Me, ten years old this year, but also covered the rest of their back catalogue throughout their hour long set.

Highlights including but not limited to ‘This is an Emergency’, ‘I Found Out’ and ‘Animal’. Between handing the crowd beers from backstage and climbing the rigging, Bowman makes for an engaging frontman and a great day was had by all.

See you down at the front next year Askern!